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Tinkov Is Looking For A Brailsford Clone

Tinkoff-Saxo owner Tinkov is now on the lookout of a “boring & meticulous” manager such as Brailsford for his squad.

The Russian team has just fired its long-standing manager & former owner Bjarne Riis and hence the search for an able suitor & Tinkov is eyeing on somebody like the Sky manager.

The new manager would be disclosed the following week. A few days back, a statement from Tinkoff confirmed that the squad had parted with Bjarne based on mutual agreement.

Appeal against Blood Bag Destruction

The world of sports had been hit by the biggest case of doping with Lance Amstrong scandal. The sandal shook every nook and corner of the sports world and not just the professional cycling world. It was expected that the UCI will act very firmly now and deal with strictness each and every pending doping case. But the scenario is completely adverse with the UCI taking no action. Seven months have passed since it last acted on the US postal and Amstrong case. This has really offended the head of US Anti-doping agency, Travis Tygart.


Arabian gulf was a good decision

After the Middle East got chosen for the cycling tours, the leading cyclists are very happy about the change. According to them, the excitement of cycling would reach a new height altogether. This opinion had been placed by Alberto Contador in particular.